Derrick is Gone, Meredith is the Sun, & It’s all Going to be Okay

    Well, it’s our first night without a Grey’s Anatomy episode. Gee. You could say the last couple of episodes have created some controversy within the Grey’s “community” but let me tell you right now, I stand with Shonda and all the other writers.

    Derrick died. In comparison to other deaths on the show, Derricks was no where near as dramatic. It didn’t pull on the same heart strings as George’s, Denny’s, Mark’s, Lexie’s, and one that personally crushed me to the core, Henry, Teddy’s “husband.” Those deaths were dramatic, those deaths you felt for the days to follow. Derrick’s, well we were just mad.

    Forgive me if this all seems insensitive, I too am upset that Derrick’s departure was not “adequately” done. I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy for a long time now. I remember sneaking around to different rooms in my house to watch it when I was far too young and everyone was still constantly having sex in supply closets every other scene. Now as a college junior (or sophomore still?) I am so emotionally attached to these characters. After this year especially, this show was my light, it saved me. Well maybe saved me is a strong term, but it gave me something to cling to when nothing else was going right.

    During this season especially we saw Meredith as her own person. We learned who Meredith was without her husband. After watching the episode when she realized that her streak was directly related to Derrick being away I was so fascinated, and at the same time concerned. What do you do when you are better without the love of your life? That is a question for another blog post. But this season we got to see Meredith live out Cristina’s declaration of being the Sun. Just as Meredith was navigating what that declaration looked like, I felt as if I was too. This season Meredith was my person.

    When the news came out that Derrick was leaving the show, I felt this blind allegiance with Shonda. She knew what she was doing, and she was going to protect Meredith. I recognize that this show has many important characters, but for me, this is the Meredith show. Meredith is the Sun, and she is going to make it without Cristina and without Derrick. Meredith is strong, Meredith is resilient, Meredith is going to succeed.

    I am strong, I am resilient, I am going to succeed. 

    Summa Summa Summa Goals

    If you follow me on tumblr you know that this past year of school was tough, and I have no desire to rehash all that, but I’m looking to make some real improvements this summer. I love to be as productive as possible during the summers and really try to better myself as much as I can. So far my goals are: 

    1. Do quality work at my job
    2. Learn as much as I can by assisting in the research lab
    3. See real academic improvements in the kids I am tutoring
    4. Write a 500-700 word piece of writing twice a month
    5. Relearn the basics of writing/grammar 
    6. Finish 2 books a month
    7. Figure out what I want to dedicate my extra time to next year 
    8. Play my violin 3 times a week 
    9. Exfoliate regularly, keep my cuticles healthy, deep condition my hair regularly  
    10. Stay on track with my devotions, and start studying Galations 
    11. Write out a 3-year plan (more about this later) 
    12. Become more informed on current events, and occasionally read stories from the major news papers
    13. Work on my sewing skills and finish making the skirts I promised for my friends
    14. Protect my happiness at all cost 

    My favorite number is 14 so I think that is a good place to cap things off at. Do you have any similar goals? What are you planning to do this summer? 



      Here We Are Again

      I’ve lost count of how many times I have started blogs, then stopped writing, only to pick it back up again either at a rough point or a really high point in my life. This time I would say I am on the up-swing.  (yay)

      While most of y’all know that I am an avid tumblr (Person who tumbles? Have we collectively decided how to say that yet?) recently I have been been wanting to write out some longer post and figured this would be the better platform. So in the near future you should see post about

      • Summer Goals
      • 3-Year Plan
      • Submission, Jesus, and Feminism
      • She Reads Truth-Bible in a Year
      • My opinion on the recent Grey’s Anatomy “tragedy”

      During my trip to DC an executive at a policy consulting firm told us that having the ability to write was one of the most important qualities a college graduate could have. I am very aware of my lack of writing ability and I really want to improve over the next few years. Obviously blogging is not the same as the type of writing my future career might require, but at the end of the day writing is writing and I need to re-learn some fundamentals.

      Well guys thanks for reading, this should be fun!