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Lysse On Life

Before posting on social media, I have been asking myself the question “Is this beneficial?” Am I providing something to my readers/viewers, or am I just babbling about nothing. So I am starting this series to have a place where I can share things I think could be of service of to you all, either through a laugh, or a new podcast to try out, or a make-up product to buy.


Podcasts {Finds}

My favorite episodes of How I Built This

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Rent the Runway


Crate & Barrel


Health & Beauty {Finds}

Wet and Wild Photo Finish Foundation

Before two weeks ago, I did not wear foundation. Just powder with blush on top. My little sister, a makeup fanatic, was appalled by this fact and ordered me to buy this Wet and Wild foundation. It was only $5 so I went for it. Y’ALL!! It’s great! It doesn’t looked to heavy or cakey, it matches my skin tone pretty well, and it has been holding up great under the heat and humidity of the summer. Obviously I can’t compare it to anything else, but it is doing the job for me and I’m pumped about it!

Pure Encapsulations

Vitamins are important y’all, but I can’t say I’m the best at taking them regularly. Pure Encapsulations has been making it a little easier for me with their individually packaged vitamins for each day. I can throw it in my bag and take them on the go.

Essential Oils

My mom has gotten pretty into the essential oil thing lately, so last time I was home I gave it a try. I’m #clumsy and recently scratched my shin, so my mom had my put Lavender oil on it each night. In no time the scrap healed and fell off. I have continued to use it on my scar. Secondly, I have been diffusing lavender and frankincense to help me fall asleep. Based on my little sleep quality app, my sleep quality has increased by like 8%!! Lastly, I have been using the oil Panaway on my sour muscles. It smells similar to tiger ball. I won’t say it’s magic, but I have enjoyed the benefits so far.

Jesus {Music}

I’ve been jamming out to Reckless Love originally by Cory Asbury. I made a instagram post about it this week. Like all Jesus music, there are 15 million covers. Some of my favorite are by Bethel Music and Passion.

Fashion {Finds}

I have made a personal goal of trying to look more put together on a daily basis. This consists of wearing jewelry, laying my edges down, and wearing a little but of makeup. With this goal I quickly realized that I don’t own a lot of jewelry that I like, especially earrings. I’m currently loving all the simple and dainty pieces from Madewell. Don’t forget if you’re a student or a teacher you get a 15% of discount!

I’m Hungry {Finds}

Nespresso Ice Coffee 

I love my Nespresso in general. I can brew espresso, make lattes, drip coffee, and basically do the whole shebang with this one machine. This summer they came out with a limited edition of ice coffee pods. I hate trying to make ice coffee at home because it always ends up too watery or not the right temperature, but these pods changed the game. The pods brew room temperature coffee, I add 4-5 ice cups, and a splash of milk and it’s amazing. Basically fools proof!

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