My Winter Season Reflection & 8 Questions to Get You Started

Winter has come and gone. I hope.

This means the first quarter of the year is over, so I wanted to pause and take some time for reflection.

At the beginning of the year I didn’t set any real goals, intentions, or resolutions. Lots of people did “words” this year, but in the moment nothing was coming to me, so I wasn’t stressed.

Now, I feel like I have my word for 2018. Settle.

So much of 2017 was a time of transition. It was crazy and busy and all over the place. Now that I have been in D.C for almost 10 months now I feel like I’m reaching a settling point. Settling into my adult life. Settling into a new city. Settling into a career. Settling into a church. Settling into new friendships. Settling.

The Winter

Looking back over this season of life, I feel good about the decisions I’ve made and where I am personally. Especially with my relationship with R. Obviously long distance is tough, but I feel like we are in a really healthy, positive space about it right now, and I know when it is time for something to change the pathways will be open for that to happen.

In this season, I started a new bible study plan that I really enjoy. Like always, sticking to the plan is hard, but I feel like I’m in a better place with my personal relationship with the Lord than I was a few months ago mostly because I’m just trying to show up more often.

In this season, I continued to save a lot of money, despite my stipend living. I was saving so much each month because I was unsure what my taxes would look like with my stipend, but surprise I have a good amount left over! I feel secure and settled knowing it is there, and excited for what I think I am going to use it for (insert dramatic sound effect).

In this season, I ate a lot of cookie dough.

In this season, I had a top tier spring break!

In this season, I’m feeling more confident about being in the classroom.

In this season, I have been trying to reconnect with long distance friends.

In this season, grad school sucked. But I’m that many months closer to the end.

In this season, I’m looking forward to spring, but really looking forward to¬†summer break.

Next season, I want to find two local organizations to get involved with.

Next season, I want to make a goal of exploring more of the city.

Next season, I want to read at least two books.

Questions to Get you Started

If you don’t have a regular reflection time scheduled, you should! Whether it’s once a week, once a month, once a season. Pick something and do it!reflection questions

If you’re not where you want to be in every “category” that is okay!¬† Now you know and now you can start making a plan for improvement. We live such busy lives and without a dedicated time and space for reflection there is so much that can go unattended to. Take time to check in with yourself, you deserve it.





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