A Look Back at the Letter to my 3rd Year Self

Ain't no rain getting in my way What's broken

In August, the day before the first day of the semester I wrote a letter to myself about what I wanted to accomplish that semester. Below are some quotes and reflections from the post, but feel free to read the whole thing here.

Your second year was a marathon, and you were crawling at the end, so don’t put yourself in that position again.

  • This quote is referencing how emotionally draining second year was for me. I’m proud to say last semester was a 1,000 times better. I did a way better job at keeping in touch with what I needed and at knowing what would be too much for me. The adversity I dealt with has really helped me learn more about who I am which sounds cliche but is actually really helpful when doing life.

Work hard in school, and know that you are the queen of time management and will get everything done. Do well on your first midterm so you don’t have to stress later.

  • Last semester was the best semester I’ve had so far and I was finally able to get all A’s! Doing well on the first midterm/paper is so important because it literally sets you up to do well the rest of the semester because you don’t have to stress about pulling yourself out of a hole.

Love Jesus and know His grace.

  • This will always be something I want to get better at! This semester I want to simply be more intentional in how I love Jesus, and how I show his love to those around me.

Never stop loving as hard as you do. But protect yourself.

  • With each  “situation” I find that I am getting better at the protecting yourself concept. In my opinion, having walls up in the name of self-care is not always a bad thing. I am really happy with where I am right now, and I am not looking to mess with that.


I’m proof that the Sun definitely rises again.

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