Another Year on Al Gore’s Internet

    Well I just paid to keep this blog on Al Gore’s internet, so I guess I better use it!

    It’s been a minute right? I’ll be honest life happens and I definitely have been in a phase where all my attention has been directed to…well not this blog.

    With future life events getting closer and closer (interpret that as you may) I’ve been lead to a tutoring side-hustle which takes up about 3 nights a week. When I’m not teaching kiddos to read, I’m trying fit in a workout and continue to work on those goals. Hey? Did you know I can do a pull-up now!?

    Oh and did I mention I graduate grad school this month?!

    Anyways, with summer quickly approaching #blessed, I’ve been thinking about how to continue to make more cash money, and how to spend some of my free time. I’ll definitely be spending more time in the gym working more intentionally on new skills that I want to pick up before October, but I’ve also been looking into volunteering on a local urban farm. Maybe a whole blog post on that in the future??

    Speaking of future blog posts, I do have a few ideas that have been running through my head.

    1. Day in the Life of a First Grade Teacher
    2. Books That Challenge Me
    3. So I Want a Farm?
    4. God Knows The Desires of Our Hearts
    5. A Blog Post from My Sister On the Process of Writing/Recording Her First Song
    6. A Talk About Women’s Health

    Here is the link if you want to listen:

    Welp, just thought I would drop by a give a small life update! TTYL!

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    Personal Finance & The Apps I’m Using to Save Money

    I posted on Instagram stories a few weeks ago that for the past two months I have been trying to get really serious about my personal finance and therefore have been seeking out any and all information I can. I had some people reach out and ask what resources I’ve been learning from, so I thought I would take the time to put everything in one place.

    My priority right now is savings, not necessarily retirement or hardcore investing (read: stocks). I’m contributing to my 401k with an employer match, but as of right now that’s it. Saving with a goal in mind is huge. Whether it is a vacation, an emergency fund, a wedding, or airpods, saving with something in mind is a lot easier.

    After listening to many many podcasts on personal finance, you begin to hear the same things over and over. To me this means the advice is good, right?

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    What’s Next For Lysse On Life

    It’s 1:52 am.

    I’m wide awake on a Friday night thinking about my little space on the internet.

    You see, it’s the new year and for the past four years I’ve set blog goals and each year I’ve failed miserably.

    Blogging is an interesting thing. I’ve been doing it on this particular blog for 5 years and at least another 2 years on other random blogs I started only to eventually neglect. So after 5 years it’s frustrating at times to feel like I haven’t “made it yet.”

    I’m getting vulnerable now so be nice.

    I’ve put the work in. And trust me I’ve done the research and the experimenting. Oh, and trust me I’ve done the comparing.


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