Here We Are Again

    I’ve lost count of how many times I have started blogs, then stopped writing, only to pick it back up again either at a rough point or a really high point in my life. This time I would say I am on the up-swing.  (yay)

    While most of y’all know that I am an avid tumblr (Person who tumbles? Have we collectively decided how to say that yet?) recently I have been been wanting to write out some longer post and figured this would be the better platform. So in the near future you should see post about

    • Summer Goals
    • 3-Year Plan
    • Submission, Jesus, and Feminism
    • She Reads Truth-Bible in a Year
    • My opinion on the recent Grey’s Anatomy “tragedy”

    During my trip to DC an executive at a policy consulting firm told us that having the ability to write was one of the most important qualities a college graduate could have. I am very aware of my lack of writing ability and I really want to improve over the next few years. Obviously blogging is not the same as the type of writing my future career might require, but at the end of the day writing is writing and I need to re-learn some fundamentals.

    Well guys thanks for reading, this should be fun!


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