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    How I Asked: Bridesmaid Edition

    Alright! Here is what’s next on the Graham Wedding front. If you don’t follow me on Instagram you might have missed that two weeks ago we secured the venue of my dreams…which also means we have a date. Y’all, I’m getting married in less than a year! It feels great to have a light at the end of the tunnel, but emotionally it’s also been hard because ya girl is #over the distance. Cue the tears.

    Yeah…so anyways…

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    The Happy Planner: A Review

    Hey y’all! Most of y’all know how I feel about life organization and planners. In the past I have used many different products (some homemade) and currently I’m back to bullet journaling for life things, and the Erin Condren Teacher Planner for work. With that, I was given The Happy Planner and thought I would review it if you’re interested. So yes, going into this you should know that it’s not what I would choose for myself but everyone has individual preferences!

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    How He Asked: An Engagement Story

    Well well well, I’m engaged! Crazy huh? Welp I figured this all gives me something to blog about so here we are, I’ll try to be blogging throughout the engagement/wedding planning process, so stay tuned if you’re interested. Today, we’ll just start with how he asked!

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