My Mission

Lysse on Life is just a blog. A space on the internet that I can share whatever I want. But in the midst of the beauty product posts, personal opinions, and the life updates, my mission is that you are inspired and entertained. I hope you see that Lysse on Life is my dream and that I’m pursuing it with all I have and I hope this encourages you to pursue yours with just as much vigor.

The blogging world is more and more commercial. Professional photo shoots and collaborations with brands is great.  I have so much fun engaging in those things and honestly it is one marker of success in the industry, but I want to make sure I always stay true to my readers. This is about authenticity. I want y’all to know that yeah my styled post on instagram may be staged. But what you see is really just some pretty things I collected around my house laid out on a bed sheet, found the best light, and finagled my body in a awkward position just to get the shot. Again, this is about being authentic in everything, which is not always graceful.

I thank you for stopping here at Lysse on Life, if you ever have any concerns feel free to contact me!

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