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How to Find Common Ground While Decorating As a Couple

Decorating as A Couple

Yesterday, I posted on instagram that R and I officially have a place to live!! A great 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment with a lot of space. In looking for our first place, it was really important to us to have two things:

  • A separate room and bathroom for people to stay when they visit
  • A kitchen eatery area so that we could entertain and have somewhere to sit besides the couch or bar stools

Now that we found the spot, my mind is rolling trying to think about how to decorate. A few weeks ago, we started to talk about various looks and styles we both liked…it was a F A I L. Decorating as a couple might be a little harder than anticipated!

A few years ago, I would have said my style was whatever Joanna Gaines did, hah, but that’s not completely true. I wouldn’t want someone to walk in my house and immediately say FARMHOUSE, but there are elements I enjoy. I like warm tones, rustic even. Wood, white, black, with some sort of accent color. I really like the mix of black rod iron with wood for things like tables, bar stools, book shelves, etc.

So, when we were looking for a place to start, I was sending Ra’Shaud inspiration pictures that looked like this:

…and he showed me this:

When he sent me that modern day Jetson-spaceship-thing I was like HOUSTON, we have a problem! So, I called in an expert, aka my friend Victoria, who blogs at Victoria and her husband are always in the midst of a renovation project, so I reached out and asked if her and her husband always had the same design taste, and how they reached some common vision.

Defining Your Style

Here is what I learned from Victoria and the beginning of this process of decorating as a couple!

  1. Take the Design Style Quiz by Havenly–This was one of the most tangible pieces of advice Victoria gave me. She told me R and I should take the quiz together and only select pictures that both of us like. To be honest, we tried to take it together, even though we are physically apart, but the pictures don’t show in the same order each time you load it, so that proved to be difficult. We ended up both taking the quiz, getting our individual results, and then trying to find a common denominator between both. Ra’Shaud got “minimalist” and I got “bohemian.”
  2. Start compiling pictures of rooms that you like and pay attention to the common denominators. With our quiz results we starting researching on Instagram and Pinterest. Sending pictures of rooms and furniture we liked and saying things like “I like this part, but not that.”
  3. Think about the furniture you already own–We are blessed that we both are coming in with some furniture of our own, as well as some furniture my Mom has been saving for us after she downsized last year. We already have the bed, dresser, and couch, so that was the starting point for each room. Then I started to incorporate pieces that “fit”.
  4. Make it visible–As you start to agree on things, start putting your room together visually. I used the app Morpholio to create a vision board of sorts for each room.
interior decorating as a couple

Let’s Talks About the Money

Decorating is not cheap! Now that I have a vision, the fun is in the hunt. I definitely don’t plan to buy everything full price! I’m on Facebook marketplace and Craigslist many times a day. I truly can’t wait to step back into a real store and do some true thrifting. I think a real part of our vision is that things won’t look completely brand new, but have a rustic or antique feel about them. Ra’Shaud is currently building us a coffee table out of old windows (which has proved harder than expected, so TBD). I have also mentally assigned him our night stands, kitchen table, and patio set (thanks, babe). As far as various house accessories, I’m thankful that I have accumulated various pieces over the years. Things such as picture frames, decorative items to place on bookshelves and tables are mostly accounted for as well.

In the midst of COVID-19 stressing me out about wedding plans. This has been a fun project to focus on, as it is something I can control. I hope some of these tips are helpful if you’re decorating as a couple, with roommates, or even by yourself.

If you make a vision board with Morpoholio please tag me in it on Instagram–I would love to see it!

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