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Wedding Invitation Samples – The Next Step in Wedding Planning

Well another wedding post. Are you surprised?! We are officially 135 days out from the wedding date. With much of the larger details handled, it was time to work on some more fun and creative aspects of the wedding, invitations! Starting with wedding invitation samples!

Per traditional wedding etiquette, formal invitations should be sent out 6-8 weeks before the big day. So, while we are still pretty far out from that, y’all know I am always #prepared #overlyprepared.

The fun part about having all this time is that I can truly focus my energy on deciding on a design I love. The Basic Invite’s wedding invitation samples have made this process fun and stress free. I love the idea of seeing a sample before I order 150 for all my friends and family.

When thinking about the wedding invitations, I knew I wanted something that looked a little more traditional, was fairly clean and simple, and incorporated some type of floral aspect. Basic Invite provided so many options for me to choose from!

Customized Invitations

What really drew me to Basic Invite was the level of customization they offer, and the variety of design and colors they can provide. Our wedding colors are “Citadel blue” but we are incorporating various blue shades through different pieces in the wedding. Basic Invite provides an almost unlimited amount of color options, giving me not 1, but 25+ different shades of blue! That’s just the blues, y’all!

Basic Invite Wedding Invitation Samples

I was sold on the fact that I wanted to use the wedding invitation sample feature, so after I designed my dream invite, I ordered a sample in every paper type they offer. I was so impressed with the feel and quality of all the options. My favorites were the Signature Matte and Double Thick Matte, but not gonna lie, the premium shimmer is super fun as well!

Fancy Envelopes

Alright, so we have the invitation, but obviously you need a matching envelope. You may also choose to include a RSVP card, thank you cards, and even programs! Basic Invite has different design suites, so the invitation design you choose is also available for your other paper needs. For our Save the Dates, I hand wrote all the addresses. Let’s just say I am looking forward to utilizing the free address printing on the envelopes of my choice. Praise!

Basic Invite Wedding Invitation Samples

Now, you know if you’re engaged, or dreaming of soon being engaged (let’s be real) then you’re probably following 101 different wedding accounts on Instagram. Yeah, me too. I kept seeing beautiful envelopes that have a design on the inside that’s visible when you open them. I never really understood what it was, or if it was even in my price range, but it’s a sticker. Guess who offers them? Basic Invite! This truly and honestly sold me. This is one of those “I know it doesn’t really matter, but it’s my wedding” so we’re doing it.

Website for Wedding Guests

Now, Basic Invite doesn’t just offer invitations. They also have an option for you to create a FREE website for wedding details to be housed as. A cool thing about this feature is just like the high level of customization available for your wedding invitations, you also can customize your website to match your invitation design. Website for weddings are very popular right now, and it is a great place to house important information for your guests.

I’m using my wedding website to allow people to RSVP (hello no extra postage) to answer common FAQ (what do I wear?) and to show off all the amazing engagement pictures we got from our girl Kiley Lauren!

Designing these invitations has been such a cool experience and it was a joy to work with Basic Invite who has graciously gifted my set of wedding invitations. I’m so happy with the level of customization, and quality of the invitations I have received!

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