Reading The Bible with The Bible Recap

Raise your hand if you’ve ever told yourself you were going to read through the entire Bible?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever failed miserably.

Yeah me too, y’all. Last year, I didn’t even try to make this a goal. Instead, I attempted to focus more on digging deep into chapters and understanding the cultural context within the text. Still, I was only somewhat consistent with this. Mostly because it felt like a heavy lift from me to do a lot of the research.

About two weeks into January 2020, I saw another blogger, Brighton Keller from share that she was using the Bible Recap to read through the Bible. I quickly swiped away from her Instagram story, downloaded the generic “The Bible” app and then searched the plans section for The Bible Recap hosted by Tara-Leigh Cobble.

Tell Me More

I’ve tried many different plans in attempt to read the whole Bible, but this feels different for a few reasons.

  1. I don’t feel pressured to “stay on track” and finish within the year. I mean I started like the 12th of January anyway. The goal is to read everyday, but if I miss, IT IS OKAY. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Pick up where you left off and keep going. It might take you a year and a half, but it’s probably more than you would have done otherwise.
  2. THERE IS A DAILY PODCAST! Y’all know how I feel about podcasts so this was a huge draw for me. Each day after I complete the reading of 2-4 chapters I listen to a 5-8 minutes podcast “recapping” what was read. This helps me solidify what I read, point out things I missed, and honesty it feels like you have a little cheerleader cheering you on. Plus, the podcast show notes link you to more resources so you don’t have to spend time researching on your own.
  3. The plan is in chronological order. The Bible is not laid out chronologically, but this plan has you read the books in chronological order. So you’ll read the first few chapters of Genesis, jump to Job, and then make similar jumps as you work your way through. This has helped me to understand the links between stories that helps you have a more complete view of the text.

Now What

Maybe you didn’t start the year off with a plan, and maybe this particular one isn’t for you, but if you’re interested it’s not too late! I can’t even express how beneficial it has been for me.

In only the first month of following this Bible reading plan, I feel closer to the Lord (for real though), I understand WAY more about the Bible and how the stories interconnect than I did 3 weeks ago, and I’m just proud of myself for being committed to carving time out to be with the Lord each day. Give it a try!

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