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Wedding Update: Engagement Pictures & Save The Dates

Alright, the last time I posted it was all about how I asked my bridesmaids and it feels like a lot has happened since then!

The deposit for the DJ has been sent, the final menu has been set, engagement pictures have been taken, I found someone to be my day-of-coordinator, save the dates are beginning to be shipped out, and last weekend I found my wedding dress!

I was super excited about getting our engagement pictures done because it meant one, we could meet the oh so talented Kiley Gaston in person, and we would be on our way to sending out save the dates!

Kiley Gaston Photography

The Photographer

Finding the right wedding photography was one of the most important parts of the planning process! We are going to have these pictures for the rest of our lives and I wanted someone who was going to make us look real. Not over edited, or overexposed, just us. I’ve been following Kiley for a while on Instagram and she was one of the first people I contacted after getting engaged! Like look at those colors, y’all *dreamy eyes*

The Engagement Dress

I spent weeks trying to find the right outfit for the pictures. I was ready to drop some money too y’all. I had my sister searching the web, co-workers sending me links, more than one night on the couch with my roommates trying to find something together, but it all just felt wrong. Why is it so hard to shop when you’re actually trying to buy something in particular?! Anyways, I got so overwhelmed that I decided to go to Marshalls, Target, and Old Navy to try things on in person. Welp, I ended up with a $25 Old Navy dress that looks five other dresses in my closet, and it was perfect. Stick to what you know, huh??

Kiley Lauren Photography

The Pictures

So, these pictures were at a lovely 7:30 in the morning to get that good light, but also allow me to get back on the road to DC a few hours afterwards. We were in a green field outside of Greenville and the weather and lighting were perfect. Kiley made us feel so comfortable and it was just an all around lovely experience.

Kiley Lauren Photography

Save The Dates

To me, getting these save the dates in the mail means we can start figuring out more logistics and details with real numbers not just hypotheticals. So yay for the next step! When I first started doing research on where I wanted to order from, all the total prices were in the $300-$400 range due to the amount that we needed!!! Not to mention you still have to put a .50 cent stamp on each one! That was a no go for me, so I started looking at more cost-effective ideas. Vista Print was an idea for a while, downloading a design on Etsy and printing them at FedEx was an idea for a while, then one day I noticed that started printing designs.

I’ve been using Canva to create blog images for years now, so I was familiar with the platform and was very intrigued by their new printing option. What I did was find a design on Pinterest for inspiration then went on Canva to recreate it as my own. It was incredibly easy and with premium paper, and a matte finish I got 250 cards and envelopes for $155. Score! I was anxious about what the quality would look like, but they came in the mail last week and they look incredible! I would definitely recommend the platform to any current or future brides out there, check it out! I’ll definitely be using it all any other paper printing we need to do the wedding.

Kiley Lauren Photography

So that’s where we are at right now! All the big stuff is done and right now our time will be spent managing the guest list.

285 days left.

Kiley Lauren Photography
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