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How He Asked: An Engagement Story

Well well well, I’m engaged! Crazy huh? Welp I figured this all gives me something to blog about so here we are, I’ll try to be blogging throughout the engagement/wedding planning process, so stay tuned if you’re interested. Today, we’ll just start with how he asked!


So we had planned to see each other at the end of the month, but Monday of last week he started talking about making an impromptu trip to see me in D.C. He told me that he was talking on the phone with the Pastor of his grandfather’s church and the Pastor was commenting on the fact that young people these days don’t go on real dates anymore (lol). So Ra’Shaud told me that the Pastor gifted us money to have a nice dinner while he was in town.

Ra’Shaud gets into town early early Saturday morning (3am) so we skipped the workout I had planned and I went off to a previously planned brunch. He was supposed to come, but he insisted on the fact that he needed a haircut, so he made me text my male assistant teacher to get a recommendation.


Ra’Shaud picks me up from brunch and says we should go to the mall because his friends have big expectations for his dinner outfit so he needs to get something new. Now this is quite out of the ordinary for Ra’Shaud. He is a khaki pants, button down, and bean boots kind of guy. BUTTTTTT he and his friends are always competing with each other for different things and their group chat is the most active thing I’ve ever seen, so while Ra’Shaud wanting to shop was a little odd, the motivation/pressure from his friends made sense for why he was so ready to shop with me.

We originally had 4:30 dinner reservations, but I had a burger at brunch (duh) so I was still full. Instead, we spent more time shopping and moseying around Target to look for teacher stuff. After that we came home, and got dressed for dinner.

It’s Showtime Baby

Ra’Shaud doesn’t like driving in DC, so I offered to do it, which I could tell he was happy about. All day I had been saying we should Facetime my sister to chat with her and he kept making excuses for why to do it later. Instead he ended up texting a lot and on the phone with his friend….and in my head I was like wahhhhh why aren’t you calling her?????

We drive down to Georgetown and find a parking spot. When we park he says that his friend told him about a park nearby and that we could take pictures at before dinner. Honestly, I just thought he was being a good instagram boyfriend, but looking back I guess it was a little odd that he was so hung up about getting these pictures before the sun went down. As we get out of the car I notice that he has another pair of shoes in the back. I asked why and he said something about needing them in case his feet started hurting in the new shoes he bought today.

Let me pause here and say that as we are driving I’m overanalyzing and thinking about a potential proposal, but not in a way that I felt actually legitimate like I was not picking up on the signs, but in a way that any long time girlfriend who knows it’s coming soon would. So while I’m thinking “this could be it” I’m also actively telling myself “chill out Alysse, its just dinner.”

As we walk toward the park, he stops and says that his feet are already starting to hurt and that he needs to go back and get the socks he left in the car. I’m in heels so I opt to wait for him where we are. Turns out, he has the ring box in the shoes and he stuck it in his back pocket on the opposite side of me so that I wouldn’t see it as we walked (I never did).

We walk, take some pictures, walk some more. But the whole time he is texting someone and I’m like dude whats up. He said he was texting his roommate Eric, but he was actually texting my sister who he renamed “Eric” in his phone! We walk toward another spot, he backs up to take the picture, I start to pose and boom he drops to one knee.

Everything after that is kinda blur. I know I asked “who else knows?” and he told me “I guess Selea (my sister) and Kit (her friend who has been rooting for us since day 1) know.” I was like huh okay, but then I turned and saw them videoing and taking pictures which brought on a big reaction from me! Also true to me, I asked “are we still getting dinner?!”

So there it is. The outfit was not to show to his roommates, the shoes were not just in case, we couldn’t call my sister because she was hiding in the bushes of Georgetown waiting for us, but the pressure for getting pictures before sunset still was because he was being a good instagram FIANCÉ!!

We did get dinner, and then a snack and “photoshoot” at McDonalds to recreate the picture Ra’Shaud saw of me before we even started dating that made him think “I was the one.” Also shoutout to my roommates for celebrating us with champagne when we got home!

P.S the inside of my ring has “You are the Sun” engraved on it.


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  • Reply Shamia

    Wow, I’m crying. Sooo happy for you, Sister!

    July 16, 2019 at 4:09 pm
  • Reply Susan

    How wonderful this is!! Loved reading this sooo much as I tried to follow the events taking place on Saturday! Congrats!!
    – Susan (Kit’s Mom)

    July 16, 2019 at 7:34 pm
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