Don’t Flake On Yourself: An Update

Last week a made a post about the importance of taking the promises you make to yourself seriously and actually following through. You can read the whole thing here!

Today, I’m here to share my week two and week three updates, which includes some small changes I made to make it more successful.

Week Two

This week was so much better than the first, although, I am still deciding if it is because my schedule was just more conducive to following through with these personal promises, or because I actually put more effort into following through.

I had 5 goals total and I was able to follow through on every single one of them. One thing I did do differently this week is that I told some of my friends what I was doing, in order to hold myself accountable. I sent them a screenshot of my goals in the note section of my phone, and then on Saturday they checked in with me to see how I did. Obviously my friends wouldn’t have been upset if I didn’t meet my goals, but for me, I know it can be easy to not follow through with something because I’m the only one who knows about it and will be affected by my decision.

Week Three

Uhhh this week was not good. Now, I’m thinking that my success last week was strictly based on my schedule and not my willpower to push through when I really didn’t want to. This week was the first week of school (I teach 1st grade if you’re new here) and I simply put all my time, attention, and energy into work. While maybe this is okay and at times it is important to prioritize it doesn’t mean I needed to make this an all or nothing situation. I could have kept some of my promises and not have just given up simply because I knew it was going to be a long week.

With school back in session I need to create some new routines that allows me to prioritize work as well as the personal promises I have made for myself. So for this upcoming week, my goal is to gracefully balance both.


Have you made any person promises to yourself? Let me know so I can hold you accountable!



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