Don’t Flake on Yourself: Keeping Promises to the Most Important Person, You

I’m writing this as I sit cozied up in a bus seat on my way to NYC. I just finished listening to the audiobook Girl, Wash yourgirl wash your face Face: Stop Believing the Lies about Who You Are so You can Become Who You Were Meant to Be. Despite my goal of reading more fiction, I found myself back with another non-fiction, self-help, inspiration read, and I’m not sorry about it.

In one of the early chapters of the book, the author, Rachel Hollins, brings up an idea that has really stuck with me. Don’t flake on yourself. If your tell yourself you are going to do something, then do it. Even if something else comes up and you have to do it at midnight, do it. Can you imagine a friend who constantly made plans with you but always cancelled because they wanted to watch one more episode of Netflix. Now think about how often you do that with yourself. If you wouldn’t repeatedly do that to your friend, then don’t do it to yourself. Don’t flake on yourself. 

With this idea of self-discipline floating through my head, and the start of the new school year approaching, I’m thinking about how I can incorporate some new habits, or promises to myself that I will not flake on. I have been working on these goals for only one week now and let me tell you…it’s hard. Life comes at you fast and there is only so much time in the day. But I’m going to follow up this post, with a week two update, so stay tuned!

Week One

In the first week I promised myself that I would workout 4 times a week. Seems manageable right? Well I didn’t want to go Monday or Tuesday, but I pumped myself up and used some good self-talk and went. I felt so good when I was done, way better than the typical post workout high, because I knew I almost didn’t go in the first place. Wednesday I had to work late, but I knew this and could have planned around it. Same for Thursday. On Friday, I chose hanging out with a friend instead of working on (which was the right choice). The weekend? Welp, I went to NY this weekend. So I worked out twice. I flaked on myself and didn’t keep my personal promise.

I had other promises to. Praying every day, having quiet time with the Lord, adhering to a morning and nighttime routine. And guess what, I flaked on myself more often than not yet. Even with the goal in mind, I still flaked on myself.

I did flake, but I did learn something. In order to do hard things aka keep personal promises you have to 1) be selfish with your time, or 2) use your time more wisely. For this specific promise of working out, I could have/should have woken up at 6am to make one of the early classes in the morning. Or maybe I should have not worried about making it to a CrossFit class and instead just gone for a run at home instead. In order to not flake, I need to be flexible, creative, and release my grip on the ideal plan.  

This is hard work. I want to be a person who follows through for other people and myself. As I go into week two of this self- discipline mindset I want to what I can improve on.

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