Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Everything Under $100

So the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…lets chat. If your instagram feed looks anything like mine, you are VERY aware of the fact that it is going on and that there are “so many great deals”.  Well to be honest, I don’t think the deals are that impressive, nor do I think you should feel pressured to buy something just because things are a little discounted.

That being said, there are some items I am interested in purchasing at this time. Specifically one of the winter coats,  potentially the Blank NYC dress (scroll below to find), and some shoes I can wear to work. Based on my closet, these are pieces that would contribute to my wardrobe. If you’re interested in shopping the sale, but don’t want to be eating PB & J this month, I advise you really think about the holes in your wardrobe and truly only buy what you need. If you’re interested in how I have paired down my closet, you can check this posts out: Closet Clean Out: 7 Questions to Help you Declutter.

Clothes Under $100

Activewear Under $100

Shoes Under $100

As you clicked through the items you may see that some of the items are sold out. Word around town is that Nordstrom is pretty good about restocking items, so bookmark it, put a reminder in your phone, and check back later to see if it is back in stock.
Happy shopping, or happy saving your money!
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