10 Fitness Goals That Have Nothing to Do With Losing Weight

There are a few more days until the new year and while I know not everyone is into the whole new year’s resolution and “new year new me” stuff, it doesn’t hurt to make new goals at a natural beginning, as long as that is not the only time you’re setting goals.

I would like to predict that most new years resolutions have to do fitness and weight loss, well guess what, there is more to fitness then trying to lose weight. Here are some fitness goals you can work toward this year that are all about making you strong, and if you lose a few pounds on the way, well that’s nice too.

  1. 35 wide push-ups
  2. 20 narrow push-ups
  3. Yoga fore arm stand
  4. 5 unassisted pull-ups
  5. Run a mile sub 10 minutes and don’t whine about it (this one is for me)
  6. Improve your mobility/flexibility
  7. Shoulder press _____lb dumbells
  8. Hold a 2-minute plank
  9. Pistol squat
  10. Average 7hrs of sleep a night

Using a TRX band is a great way to work up to holding a full forearm stand

So maybe you’re not in a place that you can do even 2 push-ups…well cool! Do two, then the next week do 3. Set lofty goals and push yourself to meet them. Goodluck!

If you’re looking for other resolution ideas, check out my post from 2017, 2016 & 2015.


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  • Reply Megan

    Yes! I love this post! Fitness goals can (and should) be about getting stronger/faster/better/consistently and not about weight loss!

    January 21, 2018 at 6:02 pm
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