4 Ways to Use Picture Prints to Make a Space Your Own

Settling In

I have been living in my new place in D.C for a little over two weeks now. The first week I had five storage bins, my work clothes, and bins of beauty products that I had with me in the dorm. Last weekend I returned to my mother’s house to pack up my high school bedroom set that would soon become my adult bedroom set. And this weekend I have pretty much finished unpacking all my boxes and finding a new home for all my knick-knacks. Unfortunately, due to the height of staircase ceiling, my box spring could not complete the journey to my new room, and thanks to the inconsistency of Walmart, the foldable box spring I ordered has also not made it here yet. So yay for week two of sleeping with my mattress on the floor!

Despite my mattress being on the floor, I am feeling more and more settled each day. With all my boxes unpacked, I have began thinking and pinteresting about how I want to decorate my new space. Yesterday I bought two new plants that have made me ridiculously giddy, I’ve been on the hunt for a new white or off-white comforter, and I would love a rug as well.

In my room in Charlottesville, I had a corner of my room that was a gallery wall of such with picture prints of my friends from Texas, college friends, the boy and I, and Christmas cards from the families I babysat for. While I loved it in my previous room, I’m looking to use picture prints in a different way this time around.

Picture prints

Decorating with Picture Prints

I used the website Printiki to print some of my more recent pictures that would otherwise just sit on my camera roll and take up space. When using their services you have the option of printing retro prints with the polaroid like border, there are basic prints where you can also select your desired border size, as well as books and posters that can be printed.

Printiki reached out and offered me some free picture prints. And overall I enjoy the square shape of the prints. It works well for pictures you are taking for instagram and they are just kinda fun. I think the picture quality could have been better as a lot of them seem a little grainy. I haven’t decided on how I am going to incorporate these prints in my room, but here are some of my ideas:

  • Scrapbooking! I have a scrapbook that I started at the end of high school and used a little bit my first year of college. So I think it would be great to add all these prints I have to complete the picture (hah) of my four years in college.
  • Wall art! This would be something similar to my gallery wall in my old room, but I would need to find a way to make it look a little more mature. Potentially I could connect 4-5 pictures to a string and hang 3-4 of those them from a wooden dowel!
  • Thinking about you cards! This doesn’t realate to decorating my room, but I think it would be nice! I love sending snail mail to my friends and sometimes it’s nice to add something with the letter. Especially now when the funds are low, including a picture is a thoughtful, yet cheap addition to a nice handwritten card.
  • Frame them! Since these are small square prints I don’t think I could frame each one. Instead, I could attach 2 or 3 of them to a white backing and then frame the larger collage. Another idea is to use adhesive and attach the pictures to canvases and then paint my own border directly on the canvas.

You can follow Printiki HERE on Instagram. With the code 62PF4UJC you can get free shipping with your order! 

*Printiki provided these prints for free. All opinions are my own*

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