Summer Reading To Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

Summer Beach Reading


It’s the summer time and I know for a lot of college students and recent college grads, pleasure reading hasn’t been a possibility since this time last year…or maybe this time 4 years ago. During the school year reading for pleasure is just out of the question. But it doesn’t have to stay that way!

As a kid, I would stay up all night reading novels. I never left the house without a book and I always had a flashlight so I could read in the car at night. The feeling of escaping into a completely different world is unlike anything else, and I feel like I haven’t experienced that in so long. Over the past four years anytime I did get a chance to read for fun I chose autobiographies, intellectual pieces, books about racism, inequality, and feminism. I learned a lot, but it didn’t give me those feels like a good novel does.

So, this summer I decided I was going to try to dive into some fiction books again. This turned out to be harder than I thought because I used to have my go to YA authors, who are still great, but I also wanted to venture into the world of “adult books.” So my friends here is my summer reading list! Some are fiction, some are faith based, and yeah I couldn’t stay away from those non-fiction books so there are some of those too.  I hope you can add one or two to your list for the summer!


Comment below and let me know what you’re reading, I would love to add more to my queue!?

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