Saving the World, One Fork at a Time

A few weeks ago I participated in a protest against the current administrations denial of
climate change, and in support of all of those fighting for #NODAPL. The environment and climate change are not topics I am well versed in, and aside from normal recycling I don’t do much to limit my personal footprint.

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In early January, I was thinking about my
potential New Year Resolutions and came across the idea of not using plastic utensils for an entire year. At first I completely wrote it off as unrealistic and inconvenient, but that is the exact reason why I eventually decided to do it. If I planned accordingly this could work, and by challenging myself I could work toward minimizing my footprint here on Earth.

Lucky me, I already owned a reusable plastic utensil set. So now I carry it in my backpack and am able to whip it out no matter where I go. I recently bought another set that I plan to keep in my car. If I have my set with me, it is incredibly easy and it makes me feel good about my small contribution to saving the environment.

In thinking about the many ways I personally use disposable plastic I started wondering where else I could cut out waste; in the shower. Yup, my next idea was to stop using body wash that comes in a plastic bottle. Upon writing this I realized I could look for liquid soap that comes in a glass bottle, but for now, I am strictly using bar soap ( I haven’t figured out the whole shampoo & conditioner thing yet). Honestly, finding new bar soap to try is a lot of fun and it is cost effective. I recently discovered a loofa at Bed Bath & Beyond that allows you to insert your bar soap inside so when it gets wet, suds begin to form on its own. It is a great way to use the bar soap efficiently and allows for it to last longer.

So folks, those are the two things I am doing in attempts to take an active interest in the sustainability of this Earth. Do you have other things I could be doing? How are you saving the world today?



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  • Reply bequietkate

    Omg, I never thought about how much plastic I was using in the shower! I always make an effort to recycle and segregate my waste, but you’re right that plastic usage needs to be lowered. I’ve already started not using straws, and I always bring my own mug and/or tumbler to Starbucks.

    Great post!

    February 21, 2017 at 7:34 pm
    • Reply Alysse

      Yes! My next thing is the straws and personal mug. It’s the little stuff ya know!

      February 23, 2017 at 2:04 pm

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