4 Things You Should Do Every Morning

School has begun, life is crazy, and its easy for stress to start creeping up. About a year ago I made it a goal of mine to enjoy my mornings more. In result of being an athlete my entire life, I had become so accustom to waking up and getting out the door for practice in 13 minutes, that mornings were more of a blur than a time to appreciate.

When I stopping rowing, it took me a good 4 months before the sound of my alarm didn’t make my heart race and my stomach drop. I had to make a conscious effort to make mornings slow and enjoyable again. Here, you can read here about my morning routine (its kinda funny too, gifs and all), but today I wanted to share more about what I do to put myself in a healthy headspace for the day.

Say a prayer as you brush your teeth 

When you’re standing over the sink, looking at yourself in the mirror you should pray. Something quick and to the point. One of my mentors gave me the idea of having a certain topic to pray about, for every day of the week. For example: Mondays I pray for my family, Tuesdays for international issues, Wednesday for my relationships, etc. I find that when I start the day off with prayer it is easier for me to continue staying in connection with God for the rest of the day.

Do some positive reading before putting on your clothes 

I sit on the edge of my bed before changing clothes and I do a quick devotional, or a read a few pages of whatever inspirational book I’m reading at the time. Usually there are some good nuggets included and it becomes something I can meditate on for the day.

Set a healthy intention as your coffee drips 

This is one that really challenges me. You can read my journey on becoming more healthy here, and here, but really it takes small lifestyle changes to make any long term changes. So, in the morning I set one intention or goal for the day that specifically relates to my eating habits (I have no problem going to the gym, but if you do maybe that could be your thing). Lately, my two goals have been to only “indulge” when it is a social occasion with my friends, and to really pay attention to my hunger signals and eat only when my body is telling me it needs food (aka chill on the snacking, ‘lysse!).

Have a sense of gratitude for necessary appliances 

One of my co-workers planted this idea in my head and it really stuck with me. She told me that every morning she thanks her toilet and her shower for being there and doing their job. Simple and important huh!? So now I do this with my sink, shower, running water, toilet, and especially my coffee machine. In addition, I also say quick prayers for the farmers and the countries that my beloved coffee beans come from.

Are there any morning rituals you partake in?

Much love,


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  • Reply thephotoguidebook

    I always say prayers when I brush my teeth, but having gratitude for items is so important as well. Inspiring post!

    August 31, 2016 at 8:58 pm
  • Reply Jasitup

    These are really nice tips

    October 31, 2016 at 2:27 am
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