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All You Have To Do is Slay

Untitled 1Oh hey guys! My name is Aubree Surrency and Lysse finally convinced me to create a post
as a guest blogger. I’ve never done this before so hang in there with me, it’ll be short and sweet…maybe. First of all, I would just like to mention that Lysse is a wonderful, God- fearing woman that I am blessed to call my friend. So the slogan of this post “All you have to do is Slay,” is dedicated to her. If you’re wondering how we came up with this slogan, it is actually an interesting story. One day we were in the car, traveling to McDonald’s, (the place you can always find Alysse) and she was playing Taylor Swift’s song “All you had to do was Stay.” I glanced over to look at the song and because I attempt to relate anything to the Queen Bey (Yes I am a Beyonce fan), I saw “All you have to do is slay.” I guess you can say it’s been our slogan ever since. So I hope y’all enjoy this post about ways to slay in your daily life, just like the Queen Bey herself.

  • In order to slay you first have to pray

Slaying and praying is extremely important, it is a daily activity. In order to slay you must first pray because praying is one of the most powerful acts you can partake in. Whether you wish to slay in your academics, social activities, relationships, or just life in general, praying is imperative to your success. God has a plan for you, one that you may not know at this moment. However, I want to tell you today that God has a plan for all of us and that plan is for us to slay, all day-every day. At times it seems as if no one is listening to our plans and aspirations for the future, but it is important to remember that God is always listening. So, just remember that when you are not slaying as much as you wish to, in whatever aspect of your life, just pray and God will hear you.

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


  • In order to slay you must be confident in yourself

Queen Bey’s confidence in herself radiates through her performances, and is one of the reasons why she is such a powerful Black woman. Despite the criticism about her Formation video, she continued to stay true to herself and her beliefs. I believe she taught us the lesson that you must have confidence and love for yourself despite what others think of you. Of course everyone goes through hardships, but overall you must believe in yourself and then slaying becomes a lot easier. Therefore, you must conqueror life with an “I ain’t sorry” attitude (reference to “Sorry”-Beyonce). Now, this does not mean to partake in harmful activities. Instead, it suggests that we should stop consuming ourselves with what others think about us or who is going where and doing what because honestly, will it matter in 5 years? We should use this valuable time to think about what we are slaying at in our own lives and are proud of, instead comparing ourselves to the standards of society. Love yourself, what you do, and continue to slay at the amazing things you are awesome at.

  • Slay with your friends

Lastly, it is important to slay with your friends! This tip is a shout out to my lovely friends in S.A.A.A. Shontell (read her guest post here), Alysse, and Alexis; I had no idea how wonderful our friendship would be when we met first year. However, their love and support has gotten me through these three years and I am excited for our last year together at the University of Virginia. Slaying on the daily with them has made school less stressful, hardships more bearable and life tons of fun. So guys, slay with the friends of yours that encourage you, challenge you and love you. Slay with the friends who will support you in all your decisions, correct you when you are wrong and love you through it all. Slay with the friends that have the same passions as you, for example a love for the Lord. Slay with the friends that you can trust and lean on at any hour of the day. In order to slay you need a support system, what better support system is one with your friends?

Well, that’s all I have for you guys, but I hope you’ve enjoyed slaying 101. Eat, pray, slay and do it with friends! Also always remember, as Beyonce stated, “Always stay gracious best revenge is your paper.” <3



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