Yes, Yoga is For You Too!

Yoga is something I’ve been doing casually ever since I have been able to drive myself to the gym! Only this year have I really decided I want to be more intentional about my practice.MONDAYS

I definitely believe there is a certain “yoga culture” that makes people believe that you have to go to some fancy studio or wear Lululemon head to toe. While these things are nice, they are not necessary to try yoga!

In fact, I would argue that yoga is one of the most accessible workouts out there, especially after you learn the basics, because all you need is your body, an open mind, and maybe a mat.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1) Use YouTube! 

YouTube is an awesome and free way to do yoga! My favorite channels are: Yoga with Adriene and Fightmaster Yoga. You can start a beginners 30 Day plan or challenge yourself with a 90 day plan! One of the benefits of doing yoga in the privacy of your own home is that no one is judging you and you can start where you are. If you need to sit in child’s pose and rest for a few minutes you can. If you want to pause the video to go pee, you can do that too!

2) Set an intention for each practice! 

I think setting a practice for each yoga practice is so important because it gives you something to focus on and work toward. My intentions vary by the day, but it might be something as simple as focusing on my breathing, or not getting frustrated with myself, or to not give up when I don’t think I can hold downward dog any longer! Intentions are a great way to make small steps toward bigger goals, so try it!

3) Be consistent! 

I love yoga because it’s so easy to see when progress has been made. You can stretch deeper, hold a pose longer, or be able to balance better. I know when I come back to the mat after not practicing for a while, my transitions are wobbly instead of strong and graceful and I can’t hold basic poses long enough. Like anything else you put your mind to, in order to make progress consistency is important. So get on your mat and try to practice 3-4 times a week, even if it’s not an entire session, it still helps!

What is your experience with yoga? Do you think you might give it a try? Leave your comments below!



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