Finals Week, Blog Anniversary & Summer Goals

Gee wiz there is a lot going on in this post, but stick with me! So my 3rd year of college is over! Finals were an ultimate struggle this semester. Worse than I remember them being in the past, but I’m thankful for my boyfriend who drove 6 hours to cheer me up (and distract me) as I finished my week of papers on papers on papers. Since my life revolves around food, here are a few shots from my last week of 3rd year!

Today is also my blog’s 1st anniversary! A year ago I decided I was going to be committed to this blog and not ignore it after 3-4 months (like i’ve done with previous blogs in the past). While there have been some gaps in posting, I’m proud to say it’s been a year and Lysse on Life is still here! In the past year Lysse on Life has posted 41 times! My original plan was to post once a week, so I would say 41 isn’t that bad! I think my favorite post I’ve done so far has been What I’ve learned Playing Basketball with the Guys…., but the post that garnered the most attention was Doing it all & Staying Organized While You Do It: A Lesson from Lysse. I am also really proud of how my “Podcast Party” posts have turned into a great collection of shows. If you’re a new reader, I hope you go back and check out what you have missed! Overall, I thank y’all for making it a great year for Lysse on Life!

Last summer I wrote a post about the goals I wanted to achieve during my time away from school: Summa Summa Summa Goals. Out of the 14 goals that I wrote out, I can confidently say that I achieved like 7.5 (lols) of them. Here is my shorter and sweeter list for this summer:

  1. Lift 4 times a week and do yoga 3
  2. Find and stick to a devotional plan that challenges you
  3. Read 1 pleasure fiction book, 2 non-fiction books from my winter reading list, and 1-2 Christian related books.
  4. Study for the Praxis exam!
  5. Save $10 a week, in addition to all the $5 bills I put away


Have a great week, loves








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