5 Thoughts During my First Barre Class 

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I have heard a lot about the barre workout classes lately, and my mom used to swear by it, and pilate reformer classes. So, tonight I gave it a go! If you are unfamiliar with barre it is based around ballet, hence the name barre. It works all those small muscles that you didn’t know you had. Here are some of the thoughts I had throughout the class!

  1. Oh, we are starting with planks #causal Yup, we did four sets of 45 second planks with like .3 second break in between. Right then I knew that this wasn’t a joke!
  2. Is it really necessary to pulse so often!? Every cycle of excercises include multiple counts of pulsing that make you feel like you’re about to catch a charley horse. #ow
  3. I’m working my right leg, so why is my left leg shaking! This class really showed me how weak my hips are. When it came down to balancing on one leg in releve (on my tip toes) my hips could not take it very long. I am sure if I keep going they will only get stronger though!
  4. Do I look like a ballerina right now!? There was only one spot by the mirror, so I had no clue if I looked graceful, powerful, and poised, but let’s just say I did 🙂
  5. Okay, I could definetly do this again! It was definitely tough, but I really liked it! I think it will be a good compliment to my typical lifting and yoga regimen.

Have you ever taken a class? What do you think?!

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