8 Apples and 57 Thousand Pictures Later

Yesterday I spent some quality time at the local apple picking orchard! We all dressed up because we knew it was basically going to be a photoshoot, but it was a lot of fun…AND I GOT DONUTS! Here are some of our candid, and some of our very staged pictures from the day: 

Exhibit A: Heavenly Apple Cider Donuts and a side of coffee (obviously)

If you leave the orchard and don’t get a picture of yourself grasping for the prize, then did you really go?
My outfit, aka the same outfit as 76.4% of the other women out there #typical

Oh you know, just showing off my fall manicure. Shout out to shellac for always having my back!

 We got this perfect shot in one try!

Selfies while we wait for the whole group to show up (this is definitely my good side)

Can we all just stare at the bounce in my girl’s hair?! #YassAlexis

(Alternative caption: “running through the 6 with my woes”)


I wish y’all could hear my laugh, its quite entertaining!

Running through the aisle 4-across was not plausible, so here is my squad casually staring at you over our shoulder

Despite the fact that it took 40 minutes to get up the mountain in bumper to bumper traffic, and that I sat in the car listening to our football team lose, we had a great time! I plan to do a lot of baking later this week, and I am in search for some fun apple recipes. Does anyone have any favorites?!

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