Today isn’t easy…

I went into this weekend planning on ignoring today. Ignoring that it was Father’s Day. In case you haven’t noticed, in a world of social media and technology that is almost impossible. I woke to see fathers plastered on every social media platform, and I can’t help but be jealous. Today isn’t easy.

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I’m appreciative of the messages I’ve gotten from my “stand-in” fathers today. Messages to remind me of how proud my Dad would be of me, how wonderful a woman I have grown up to be etc. I’m appreciative, but today still isn’t easy.

While I can personally relate to those who have lost a father. I am also reminded that not everyone has a good relationship with their father. I used to be someone to say: “Hey at least he is on this earth, you should make the best of it.”  But why? If someone has continually neglected you, wronged you, hurt you, why do they deserve your effort. Just because we have a holiday? I don’t think so. Just because someone is your “father” does not mean they deserve your attention today. There are bad father’s out there, and if you have one, you shouldn’t be forced to pretend that what they have done to you is okay. Despite your negative feelings toward your Dad, today might not be easy for you.

Today, without my earthly father here, I am thankful for my heavenly Father. The everlasting Father who gave the ultimate sacrifice so I could one day spend eternity with him, as well as my earthly Father. Oh He’s a good good Father. 

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  • Reply mvijohnsonave

    I feel ya God bless

    June 21, 2015 at 2:42 pm
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