Timehop, Throwback Blogs, and Reflection

We all know what Timehop is right? The handy little app that shows you what you posted on various social media outlets, 1 year before, 2 years before, 3 years before, etc. Well this morning I found a few gems I thought I would share!

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I really decided to write this blog post because Timehop showed me a blog post I made on an older blog of mine that I thought I could reflect on. The post was titled: “…and it ended today” (clearly I’ve been doing that ellipses thing for a while.) Despite the really dramatic title, the post was about finishing my sophomore year of high school and because I just finished my second year of college it was kinda neat to come across this.

I have two main points in my original post that really illustrated to me that while I have grown up as a person, I am still the same Alysse I was back in high school.
  1.  My motto for the year of 2011: “Just keep swimming”. I hadn’t realized that declaring a motto for myself was something I have been doing for a while now. If you remember my post about Grey’s Anatomy, you will remember that this year I clung to the phrase ” I am the Sun.” At the time the “just keep swimming” phrase had to do with pushing through and realizing that my hard work would pay off when I was applying to college (it did). This year’s motto was a lot deeper than that. I’m sure getting into college was one of the most stressful things on my mind at the time, but it doesn’t compare to the stress I faced this past year. Basically, my purpose for “mottos” has continued, but they have evolved greatly in meaning.
  2. In my second point, I claimed that I would have given anything to be a graduating senior that year. I recognized that on the other hand I might miss out on some quality high school experiences if I magically had the chance to skip ahead 2 years. Then I ended it by saying that I was already missing out on experiences because I was always studying or at some athletic practice. I knew I was missing out and I didn’t care. During a lunch with my Christian mentor this year, we ended up talking about my high school experience and how different I am in that regard. In high school everything was about getting in to college, I stressed about the numbers, and would turn down many “fun” opportunities because i needed to study,  Now that I am college I have found the happy medium. I do my work, and I do well in school, but I also create/allow time to spend doing things that make me happy. I allow myself to realize that in the long run my friends who need me at 1am, or a spontaneous trip to McDonalds is not going to make or break my academic career.  Actually, in 20 years it’s probably what I will remember most from college.

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