Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Everything Under $100

    So the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…lets chat. If your instagram feed looks anything like mine, you are VERY aware of the fact that it is going on and that there are “so many great deals”.  Well to be honest, I don’t think the deals are that impressive, nor do I think you should feel pressured to buy something just because things are a little discounted.

    That being said, there are some items I am interested in purchasing at this time. Specifically one of the winter coats,  potentially the Blank NYC dress (scroll below to find), and some shoes I can wear to work. Based on my closet, these are pieces that would contribute to my wardrobe. If you’re interested in shopping the sale, but don’t want to be eating PB & J this month, I advise you really think about the holes in your wardrobe and truly only buy what you need. If you’re interested in how I have paired down my closet, you can check this posts out: Closet Clean Out: 7 Questions to Help you Declutter.

    Clothes Under $100

    Activewear Under $100

    Shoes Under $100

    As you clicked through the items you may see that some of the items are sold out. Word around town is that Nordstrom is pretty good about restocking items, so bookmark it, put a reminder in your phone, and check back later to see if it is back in stock.
    Happy shopping, or happy saving your money!
    *This post contains affiliate links* 
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    Monthly Purchases: Summer Dresses

    Summer Dresses

    The next round of “Monthly Purchases” is featuring dresses! In a dream world, I would strictly wear dresses…and maybe yoga pants. One, because finding multiple pairs of pants that I like is tough, and two, the effort it takes to put together a good outfit everyday….woo no thank you.

    Unfortunately, I live in Washington D.C where we have this thing called snow! So, I’m going to enjoy dress season while I can. Below is a round up of dresses I’ve had my eye on, in a range of prices!

    I have really been loving the midi dress length lately, so you’ll see a lot of that here. Also, if had to pick three words to describe my style, “classic” would definitely be one of them, and what says classic more than wrap dresses?!
    What is your favorite style of dresses?
    Happy Shopping!
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    Lysse On Life: Weekly Favorites

    Lysse On Life

    Before posting on social media, I have been asking myself the question “Is this beneficial?” Am I providing something to my readers/viewers, or am I just babbling about nothing. So I am starting this series to have a place where I can share things I think could be of service of to you all, either through a laugh, or a new podcast to try out, or a make-up product to buy.


    Podcasts {Finds}

    My favorite episodes of How I Built This

    Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

    Rent the Runway


    Crate & Barrel


    Health & Beauty {Finds}

    Wet and Wild Photo Finish Foundation

    Before two weeks ago, I did not wear foundation. Just powder with blush on top. My little sister, a makeup fanatic, was appalled by this fact and ordered me to buy this Wet and Wild foundation. It was only $5 so I went for it. Y’ALL!! It’s great! It doesn’t looked to heavy or cakey, it matches my skin tone pretty well, and it has been holding up great under the heat and humidity of the summer. Obviously I can’t compare it to anything else, but it is doing the job for me and I’m pumped about it!

    Pure Encapsulations

    Vitamins are important y’all, but I can’t say I’m the best at taking them regularly. Pure Encapsulations has been making it a little easier for me with their individually packaged vitamins for each day. I can throw it in my bag and take them on the go.

    Essential Oils

    My mom has gotten pretty into the essential oil thing lately, so last time I was home I gave it a try. I’m #clumsy and recently scratched my shin, so my mom had my put Lavender oil on it each night. In no time the scrap healed and fell off. I have continued to use it on my scar. Secondly, I have been diffusing lavender and frankincense to help me fall asleep. Based on my little sleep quality app, my sleep quality has increased by like 8%!! Lastly, I have been using the oil Panaway on my sour muscles. It smells similar to tiger ball. I won’t say it’s magic, but I have enjoyed the benefits so far.

    Jesus {Music}

    I’ve been jamming out to Reckless Love originally by Cory Asbury. I made a instagram post about it this week. Like all Jesus music, there are 15 million covers. Some of my favorite are by Bethel Music and Passion.

    Fashion {Finds}

    I have made a personal goal of trying to look more put together on a daily basis. This consists of wearing jewelry, laying my edges down, and wearing a little but of makeup. With this goal I quickly realized that I don’t own a lot of jewelry that I like, especially earrings. I’m currently loving all the simple and dainty pieces from Madewell. Don’t forget if you’re a student or a teacher you get a 15% of discount!

    I’m Hungry {Finds}

    Nespresso Ice Coffee 

    I love my Nespresso in general. I can brew espresso, make lattes, drip coffee, and basically do the whole shebang with this one machine. This summer they came out with a limited edition of ice coffee pods. I hate trying to make ice coffee at home because it always ends up too watery or not the right temperature, but these pods changed the game. The pods brew room temperature coffee, I add 4-5 ice cups, and a splash of milk and it’s amazing. Basically fools proof!


    A Guide to Jean Shopping | Monthly Purchase

    Okay! Round two of my monthly purchases series features: JEANS! Here is my jean shopping guide.

    Last post was all about Spring Jackets. So if you missed that one and are interested what this monthly purchases thing is all about, you should start there!

    Alright! So jeans are an important piece of clothing in anyones closet, and there are so many options out there. First let’s start with all the jeans styles I think are necessary. Now, not everyone is going to like every style on their body, like I personally think most boyfriend jeans make me look for a rectangle, but TRY THINGS ON, that’s the only way you’ll find out what works for you and what you like!

    1. Your favorite blue jeans that fit you like a glove: Invest in these
    2. Skinny black jeans: My go to Saturday outfit
    3. Flare jeans: My new fav
    4. Lose hem jeans: Kind of trendy right now, but I like them
    5. Distressed/holy blue jeans: Buy them distressed or distress them yourself
    6. Skinny white jeans: Gotta get summmmaa ready!

    Linked below are some of my favorite picks right now! Ranging in price from $40-$130.

    When shopping for jeans fit is everything. Always remember that getting your jeans altered is an option. Clothes are not made to fit you perfectly, but to fit a wide variety of people. Alterations are where you make things perfect. For jeans, this is especially relevant when thinking about length and how the waist fits.

    As you shop, pay attention to what looks good on your body. High rise? Inseam #? Where the pant hits your ankle? Make note of what aspects flatter your body the most.

    Lastly, if you find the perfect pair of jeans, BUY TWO!

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    The Power of She: Athleta, Community, and Crossfit

    I love the feeling of buying new workout clothes right when you are getting back to working out, or just setting new goals. So this campaign with Athleta came just in time as two weeks ago I signed up for Crossfit! I’ve known that I’ve wanted to do it for a while now, but was waiting for my schedule to open up and for my finances to get right 🙂

    I did CrossFit for a hot minute the summer I graduated high school and after being a competitive athlete in high school and college I knew it was the only thing that would make me feel the way competitive sports do.

    athleta power of she

    I’m almost done with the intro classes, and I’m excited to get get fully integrated into the classes. In college we did a fair amount of lifting so I have some experience coming in, but never the less there are still things to learn. Especially with lifts like the snatch, which we didn’t really do.

    When it comes to sports, it’s so fun to try new things and see some of those newbie gains that come from it. Sort of like when I played ice hockey for one season and every practice I saw so much improvement which was incredibly satisfying. In addition, I was also looking for an athletic community. Something that has potential to go past the gym, which is something CrossFit touts a lot.

    athleta power of she


    I’m looking forward to working toward my goals in Athleta’s apparel and I feel good knowing that they are a company with values that align with mine (focused on sustainability, empowering women, and paying attention to the quality and performance of their products). Not to mention they offer so many CUTE styles, colors and prints. Of course I had to go with the stripes this time (it’s a fashion preference I have no intention of getting rid of) but their floral prints are also of my favorites right now.

    athleta power of she

    athleta power of she

    athleta power of she

    athleta power of she

    Do you have any fitness goals lined up? What are you doing to reach them? And lastly, what will you be wearing while you do it?

    Thank you to Athleta for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 


    5 Tips to Fight Allergy Season and Find Relief Today

    The Back Story

    It’s spring which means pollen is out and everyone is searching for some allergy relief, including my class of 1st graders! When I was growing up I had average allergies, ya know the kind where you can pop a Zyrtec and be cool. Well, two years ago at the end of winter I got this awful cough. I thought I had a cold, and was taking every type of cough medicine on the shelf.

    After about 2 months of a gross cough, I decided I needed to see a doctor. She quickly said, “oh, you have allergies.” I thought she was wrong, but she prescribed me a singular and an inhaler and I was suddenly good again. When school let out, and I needed a new prescription, I decided to see and Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor. He confirmed the fact that I had allergies, but he took it a step further and tested me for a wide variety of things like trees, animals, grasses, molds, etc. Basically, I’m allergic to everything, my arm was red bumpy mess. At the same time I also developed an allergy to almonds, and pecans, but that’s another story.

    So, that was two years ago. I took a singular, an extra strength antihistamine, and my inhaler everyday. Everything was fine and dandy until about a month ago when my prescription expired, forcing to find a new doctor here in DC to prescribe me the medicine (which I have not had the time to do yet). So without my normal medicine, let’s just say that allergies have been hitting me hard lately. Here is what I’m doing to try to fight the pollen, but if you feel like you also have experienced some extreme symptoms find a doctor ASAP!

    5 Tips to Fight Allergy Season 

    Take an Antihistamine-Pretty straightforward here. Antihistamines are a type of medicine to help block allergy symptoms. Some popular ones are Zyrtec, Allegra, and Claritin.

    Wash Your Sheets-This is something my doctor stressed to me. I don’t know about you, but washing sheets can feel like a hassle, but I take it very seriously during allergy season. We are constantly tracking in pollen and allergens on our clothes, shoes, and hair. So leave your shoes away from where you sleep and wash your sheets weekly…maybe even change your pillow case every few days.

    Dust Frequently– The house I live in now has hardwood floors and it seems like dust visibly accumulates so quickly. With my Swiffer to the rescue, I mop up a decent amount of dust each week. If you have carpet, make sure to vacuum frequently.

    Use a NetiPot- You might be grossed out by this, but I promise you it is a game changer. After the antihistamine it is the most important piece of my routine. If you are unfamiliar with a Neti-Pot, it is a pot or a bottle that you fill up with pre-boiled, or distilled water and mix in a sinus saline solution. Then you squirt the water solution into one nostril…and it comes out the other nostril. It feels a little weird, but it will relieve your congestion and allow you to actually breathe through your nose. Also, there are many versions of the official Neti-Pot. I actually use the Neil Med Sinus Rinse, as I think it is easier to do correctly without a mess.

    Eat/Drink Natural Honey- Eating local honey gives you a small dose of the pollen that is similar to the pollen you’re exposed to every time you walk outside. Therefore, it can slowly help decrease your sensitivity to the local allergens. Check out your local farmers market, or Whole Foods.

    Let me know below what tips you have to fight allergy season!


    My Winter Season Reflection & 8 Questions to Get You Started

    Winter has come and gone. I hope.

    This means the first quarter of the year is over, so I wanted to pause and take some time for reflection.

    At the beginning of the year I didn’t set any real goals, intentions, or resolutions. Lots of people did “words” this year, but in the moment nothing was coming to me, so I wasn’t stressed.

    Now, I feel like I have my word for 2018. Settle.

    So much of 2017 was a time of transition. It was crazy and busy and all over the place. Now that I have been in D.C for almost 10 months now I feel like I’m reaching a settling point. Settling into my adult life. Settling into a new city. Settling into a career. Settling into a church. Settling into new friendships. Settling.

    The Winter

    Looking back over this season of life, I feel good about the decisions I’ve made and where I am personally. Especially with my relationship with R. Obviously long distance is tough, but I feel like we are in a really healthy, positive space about it right now, and I know when it is time for something to change the pathways will be open for that to happen.

    In this season, I started a new bible study plan that I really enjoy. Like always, sticking to the plan is hard, but I feel like I’m in a better place with my personal relationship with the Lord than I was a few months ago mostly because I’m just trying to show up more often.

    In this season, I continued to save a lot of money, despite my stipend living. I was saving so much each month because I was unsure what my taxes would look like with my stipend, but surprise I have a good amount left over! I feel secure and settled knowing it is there, and excited for what I think I am going to use it for (insert dramatic sound effect).

    In this season, I ate a lot of cookie dough.

    In this season, I had a top tier spring break!

    In this season, I’m feeling more confident about being in the classroom.

    In this season, I have been trying to reconnect with long distance friends.

    In this season, grad school sucked. But I’m that many months closer to the end.

    In this season, I’m looking forward to spring, but really looking forward to summer break.

    Next season, I want to find two local organizations to get involved with.

    Next season, I want to make a goal of exploring more of the city.

    Next season, I want to read at least two books.

    Questions to Get you Started

    If you don’t have a regular reflection time scheduled, you should! Whether it’s once a week, once a month, once a season. Pick something and do it!reflection questions

    If you’re not where you want to be in every “category” that is okay!  Now you know and now you can start making a plan for improvement. We live such busy lives and without a dedicated time and space for reflection there is so much that can go unattended to. Take time to check in with yourself, you deserve it.






    Shopping for Spring Jackets on a Budget | Monthly Purchase

    Hey Friends!

    If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve been living on a stipend during this first year of working as a resident teacher and in graduate school for Elementary Education. So stipend living = hard core budgeting living. 

    Also, you may remember that last month I went through my closet and donated/got rid of a bunch of things I’ve had since middle school. If you’re interested in how to declutter you closet and curate your ideal wardrobe I’ll link them here! 

    So what does this all mean? 

    I have less clothes in my closet and I’m still living on a budget, so I need to find a way to purchase new quality pieces and stay within my budget. To do this, I have decided to commit to purchasing one high quality item a month in order to add to my adult wardrobe. Through this process I’m going to share the category of clothing i’m looking a purchasing, the options I’m looking at, and what I ultimately decide on. First up….

    Spring Jackets 

    When I think about spring I think about jackets. Which is unfortunate because at the moment I own like two… Haha, but I love the idea of being able to wear a few cute layers and not feeling like your about to start sweating, plus a jacket does something to make an outfit look complete.

    Eventually I would love to own one of each type of jacket: moto, trench, utility, denim, rain, leather, etc. But for now, here are my favorite picks for spring jackets this season. If you could only choose one, which would you get?

    Ultimately, I have decided on the Democracy Bell Sleeved Jacket. It such a versatile color, I’m obsessed with the bell sleeved look right now, and I can already imagine the outfits I can make with it!


    How to Study the Bible with your Head Not Your Heart

    Raise your hand if you have a Bible but don’t really know how to read it, or understand it.

    Raise your hand if you feel like you have a “Sunday School” understanding of the Bible.

    Raise your hand if you just need something new to do during your quiet time.

    If you raised your hand for any of these, this is for you!

    Continue reading


    Closet Clean Out: 7 Questions to Help You Declutter

    The other day I was getting dressed for work and I said to myself, “Wow, I bought this shirt in 8th grade.” Uhhh, I’m 23 now. Yeah. I think it is time to get rid of some things in my closet. So a few weekends ago, I washed all my dirty laundry and spent my Saturday in my room doing a closet clean out session.

    closet organization ideas

    I started by just shuffling through what I had hanging up. Asking myself when was the last time I wore this? And then putting things in the donate pile…or the trash pile, if my answer was last year, or I’ve only wore this once because I needed a red shirt, or oh wait this has a stain. Bye. Get rid of it.

    I like to tell myself that there are pieces in my closet that I simply forget about and just need to put back into my weekly/monthly rotation, but that rarely happens. If I can’t make an outfit (really multiple outfits) with a piece, it needs to go. I promise you won’t think about it after its gone, and your closet will look a lot better too.

    closet organization ideascloset organization tips








    For now, I just went through all my winter shirts/sweaters, my dresses, skirts, and pants. I’ll get to some more of my summer pieces later. As I’ve transitioned into a full-time adult, so much of my closet consists of things that I wear to work, and I find myself only purchasing things that fit within my work dress code. For me, this means lots of cardigans, a turtleneck, oxford shirts, cotton long sleeves, the occasional v-neck and a few “silky” blouses.

    closet organization ideas

    Somehow I made it through winter with only 3 pairs of pants that actually reach past my ankles….crazy I know. I wore a lot of chino capris and just walked really fast so my ankles didn’t freeze…I should probably invest in some more for next year.

    Anyways, on days that were slightly warmer (so like three days this winter), I got a chance to wear a skirt or a dress with tights. I have really taken the time and money to invest in quality skirts. So I kept all of mine. I have about 4 pencil skirts, 4 casual skirts that are a little shorter and good for summer, and one vintage midi skirt that I got from my mom!

    closet organization tips

    By the end of my closet clean out, I had two bags of clothes to donate, and it feels so good to have a more organized closet. I hadn’t worn a lot of these pieces in awhile and didn’t feel like they were quality pieces I needed in my wardrobe going forward. Honestly, I feel like my personal style is changing a little bit, so this gives me a good place to move forward with as I find new pieces that better fit the look I’m going for.